Cottonwood | Suite 100

  • CW100 – IT
  • CW100 – hall
  • CW100 – open area1
  • CW100 -hall2
  • CW100- open area2
  • CW100- office
  • CW100 – pano
  • CW100-break
  • Cottonwood 100

This spacious first-floor corner suite offers four windowed offices, six interior offices, a large IT room with an open frame wall mount rack and 125/250V connection. A generously sized open work area is flexible to fit any needs - copier space, cubicle space, or reception. Adjacent to a recently remodeled shared kitchenette, this space is quietly secluded in the building. Building Lobby and restrooms have been recently renovated providing your employees and clients with a fresh, welcoming entrance. Cottonwood Office Park is ideally located close to Interstate 25 and main thoroughfares through Casper.

For more information about this property, contact:

Jessica Hastings


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